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A legendary, high-performance racing beast, a winner team that went for all of it in just 90 minutes - has earned its place in the Hall of Fame as a Nürburgring 24h race spectacular winner in 2018.









Based on the Porsche 911 GT3 RS road car, the 991 Porsche 911 GT3 R has been extensively modified for racing purposes.
Total weight: approx. 1,220 kg homologation weight; overall length: 4,604 mm; overall width VA: 1,975 mm, overall width HA: 2,002 mm; wheelbase: 2,463 mm.

Water-cooled six-cylinder boxer engine rear mounted; 4,000 cc; stroke 1.5 mm; bore 102 mm; power: over 368 kW (500 hp) FIA BoP dependent (restrictor); four-valve technology; direct fuel injection; dry sump lubrication.

Porsche six-speed sequential claw gearbox; mechanical limited-slip differential; pneumatic shift control (paddle shift).

One-piece BBS alloy wheels to Porsche specification and design, 12.0J x 18 ET 17, tire size: Michelin 300/650-18 front; 13J x 18 ET 37.5, tire size: Michelin 310/710-18 rear.

Intelligent lightweight aluminum-steel composite body; welded roll cage in compliance with FIA Annex J; removable escape hatch in roof; lightweight exterior: doors, rear lid, rear fender, fenders, front fairing and rear trim in carbon fiber (CFRP); polycarbonate glazing; removable polycarbonate door windows; approx. 120-liter FT3 safety tank with "Fuel-Cut-Off" safety valve in compliance with FIA regulations; four-stamp airlift system.

Two separate brake circuits for front and rear axle; adjustable by the driver via a balance beam system.
Front axle: Six-piston aluminum monobloc racing brake calipers; steel brake discs, multi-piece, internally ventilated and slotted, D = 380 mm.

Rear axle: Four-piston aluminum monobloc racing brake calipers; steel brake discs, multi-piece; internally ventilated and slotted, D = 372 mm.



Manthey wins in the Eifel drama The 2018 edition of the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring has gone down in history as one of the most thrilling races. Manthey Racing celebrated the sixth success in the team's history at the infamous Eifel classic with the Porsche 911 GT3 R. The Green Hell once again lived up to its reputation. At 11:59 a.m. - three and a half hours prior to the scheduled end of the race - things suddenly went quiet around the Nürburgring. Due to heavy fog, race control was forced to suspend the race with the red flag. The teams had already completed more than 20 grueling hours of racing and were now doomed to wait. The restart came at 13:59. What followed was a 90-minute streak to the finish that left spectators breathless time and time again. The protagonists in the duel for victory were Adam Christodoulou in the Mercedes-AMG GT3 from Black Falcon and Fred Makowiecki in the Manthey Porsche. 1:11 hours before the chequered flag waved, the frenchman made the decisive maneuver to pass his rival from Great Britain in the Mercedes Arena by "swapping paint". However, he was unable to shake him off. The two first-place finishers were waved off with a time gap of just 26.413 seconds. At the time, this marked the second closest finish in the history of the race. However, the race of the later winners was anything but easy even in the first section before the interruption. After the early retirement of the sister car - Romain Dumas was knocked out of the race by an oil spill in the rain during the night - Manthey Racing concentrated on the #912. But here, too, the race did not go smoothly. Patrick Pilet accelerated too early at the end of a Code 60 phase. For this he received a time penalty of 3:32 minutes from race control. In a real show of strength, Pilet, Makowiecki, Nick Tandy and Richard Lietz fought their way back to the front.




Olaf Manthey

All or naught! Olaf Manthey - team founder of the racing team bearing the same name based in the industrial park at the Nürburgring - still remembers the 2018 24-hour race well. After a brief reflection, he got right back on topic within seconds when asked about the Eifel drama: "That one was one of the most exciting 24-hour races I can remember. We opted to put Mako in the car for the final sprint while the race was interrupted. The motto was very simple: win or get blown away. Nobody likes to finish second. The entire team was behind the decision - everyone sticks up for everyone." "For me, the races where I still competed myself were always easier than the ones where I was standing on the pit barrier. But 2018 topped it all off. The race was hard to beat in terms of excitement. I was really fired up." "Our victories before the start of the GT3 era were a different animal, because here we were able to stand out with our technical expertise and our own ideas. With GT3 cars, the leeway is extremely narrow - every little detail counts. From this point of view, the victory in 2018 was extremely valuable in itself. The 991 was a fantastic race car. The Porsche engineers always manage to go one better."


Niki Raeder

Nicki Raeder, Team Principal of Manthey Racing, on the 3D visualizations of Culture XR: "Culture XR creates unique contemporary documents with the help of Artzenal 3D scanning technologies. When I saw the output for the first time, I was extremely impressed. Even I, as an engineer, saw our vehicles from an entirely new perspective." "The ability to zoom in on certain areas is incredible and brings completely new perspectives. Even if you were to crawl into the wheelhouse, for example, you wouldn't see those deep details." "The fascination is capturing the as-is condition of a vehicle after the race and preserving it for all time. You get a very intimate insight - it's almost better than reality." "The opportunities to eventually purchase the 3D models as NFT are very interesting. This is a clear added value compared to a model car, because you can not only look at the vehicle from every angle, but also remove parts that are fitted or the wheels to view behind them and experience the technology."



Position: 1 Race number: 912 Class: SP9 Team Manthey Racing Car: Porsche 911 GT3 Laps: 135 Time: 24:00:09.010 Average: 142.736 kph Fastest: 8:17.340 Drivers: Richard Lietz Patrick Pilet Frederic Makowiecki Nick Tandy The 991 Porsche 911 GT3 R received an upgrade in 2018 with a new front lid to optimize thermal management and side flicks to improve aerobalance. The 2018 911 GT3 R has not only inherited the characteristic double-bubble roof from its series-production counterpart, but also the wheelbase, which is 100 millimeters longer than that of the previous generation. The lightweight body of the 911 GT3 RS series sports car in intelligent aluminum-steel hybrid construction proved to be the optimum basis for the race car design. The 911 GT3 R is powered by a state-of-the-art four-liter, six-cylinder boxer engine that is largely identical to the high-performance series unit of the street-legal 911 GT3 RS. Power from the rear-mounted engine transmits to the 310-millimeter-wide rear wheels by means of a sequential Porsche six-speed claw gearbox. As in the GT street models of the 911, the driver operates paddles placed within easy reach on the steering wheel to shift gears.

Making of


Look behind the scenes how we encountered the Grello in its laird - follow the transformation of  this stunning winner vehicle into a digital top-model.

The process started at Manthey Racing workshop, with access to a race car that had dominated the prestigious endurance race. It was necessary to meet this high standard also from our side!

We relied on a high-tech 3D scanner and photogrammetry to generate incountable data points of the current condition of the winning car. Using a combination of  systems ensured that we captured every detail.

During this scan, we were presented with a number of challenges. The complex shape of the racer and its reflective surfaces made it difficult to capture specific angles in depth, and we had to take special care to acquire accurate geometries of the chassis - reproduce the unique battle scars from the 24h race all over its body in their original impact structure.

Once all the necessary data had been collected and checked, the post-production process took several weeks at the studio site. Processing the information, handling a digital grid of the highest resolution as a 3D model and the complex texturing required specialized software, computing power and a dedicated team. Just as in the preparation of a race, everything had to be brought into an optimal flow - to put the individual elements and performance elements together and bring them perfectly on the road!

The Grello 2018 model is incredibly detailed and it carries the genes of this winner and his team. It was a thrilling experience to work with such a high-performance team. We hope the result excites you as much as it did us when we brought it to digital life.




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