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Welcome Legends of the Ring!


Creating a digital home for legends

A unique project:
The originals are provided by the teams of the Nürburgring legends. Every detail of these precision machines is captured with the highest accuracy. Technology and teamwork make digital twins of these icons of motorsport happen. From the lines of the bodywork to the intricacies of the engine to the battle scars of the racing action, H.o.F.'s 3D scans are the ultimate tribute to the performance and great moments of racing legends. That's what the H.o.F. Community stands for. Be part of it.

What is a


An approved and certified, perfect and unique digital reconstruction of a real world competition vehicle.


The most authentic virtual twins of

invaluable vehicles, clearly marked

yours by their officially bonded
keys and tokens. 


The race team, the competition, and the vehicle - caught in the

act. Unforgettable wins, races, position battles and bravery -

perfectly digitized, vivid

in memory at a click

on your device.


Collecting racing originals and 

moments in racing history -

H.o.F is the place to start

building a personal


Zero contact, but captivating 

A combination of laser scanning & photogrammetry secures vehicles non-invasively in 3D. Nevertheless, one would like to slide a hand over them.

High-res, deep views

Thousands of authentic, macro-scale photogrammetric images of vehicle surfaces reveal secrets - when you look closely.

Precision & Emotion
Accuracy of under 0.05 mm allows attention to detail. Reveals the power and speed in action. 

The process, the dedication

High-end digitization as a true service to the beloved object. This is how the "Spirit of Racing" is preserved.


The art of 3D digitization

Unique 24 h team cars deserve a unique “virtual life” by applying advanced digitization and 3D capture technologies to create visually stunning, 100% exact & authentic DIGITAL ORIGINALS



The digital Hall of Fame (H.o.F.) is currently being established as a free offer to 24h fans.

The legendary vehicles on display represent the best in modern 3D technology - but also in team spirit.

To keep growing this community and project, we need your positive votes.

eMail line-up 

By allowing us to contact you on behalf of H.o.F. progress, you express your support. Thank you!

Non-Binding Request to GET UPDATE
Leave your contact to get more info and updates on how to GET UPDATED

Thanks for your non-binding request. We will be mailing you.

  • Your support is non-binding and at no cost. You can revoke at any time you don't like to receive updates via mail any more.

  • We may quote you an early access offer for exclusive, interactive and digitally certified team cars which you can own and collect.

  • This extended offer will be an addition to the free service and also in no way obligatory or binding for you.

  • For every full 3D and interactive version of a 24h legend car we offer, a free media visualization will be available to everyone.

We hope you will enjoy every bit and byte of what you can see here at 24h digital H.oF. ! 

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