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Max speed on the track and extraordinary commitment: with the White Angel Viper, the team's good cause is thundering across the asphalt, too. The 8 liters are not only the largest displacement on the ring, but also the biggest heart volume for children - every plug spark is a spark of hope for education - in places where it is still rare today. With every lap, the White Angel Viper team built schools in emerging countries - and on the success of the idea, by appearing at the 24h race, to also win a race for equal opportunities and self-determination.







DODGE Viper CC GT3 - White Angel 20221_7
DODGE Viper CC GT3 - White Angel 20221_6
DODGE Viper CC GT3 - White Angel 20221_5
DODGE Viper CC GT3 - White Angel 20221_1
DODGE Viper CC GT3 - White Angel 20221_3
DODGE Viper CC GT3 - White Angel 20221_4
DODGE Viper CC GT3 - White Angel 20221_2

Dodge Viper CC GT3  

Serial No. 117 of officially 178 built cars of the second series

Year of manufacture 2008

Displacement 8,284.9 cc

HP 680 KW  / 925 PS  - 24h Race: Restriction  403 KW / 549 HP

Top speed 325 km/h - 24h race: Restriction 288 km/h



Farewell to a white angel The 50th edition of the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring was a double challenge for the White Angel Viper team around team leader Bernd Albrecht from Hirrlingen and fellow drivers Sebastian Asch, Andreas Sczepansky and Kurt Ecke: they manned the cockpit of the Dodge Viper Competition Coupé GT3 for the last time, not only to compete in the 50th anniversary of the 24h race and, as always, to bring in donations with fast laps - it was also the farewell race of the White Angel Viper. For team leader Albrecht, the event was an emotional highlight. In 32 years in motorsport and with 19 participations in the 24h race, he last launched the White Angel Viper in the Green Hell - a unique combination of special motorsport power and commitment to a good cause. The U.S. bolide with V10 engine, which is fueled by regenerative E20 high-performance gasoline, also received donations for schools in Africa in the last race and was able to prove once again "that the Viper is still damn fast and plays along with the music" (driver Andreas Sczepansky). With a top speed of 288 km/h in the 2021 race, Albrecht flew away from the competition despite reduced power and increased weight. First "it was like clockwork: transmission, engine, pit stops, the whole teamwork and also the driver colleagues simply flawless," said Sebastian Asch, son of DTM legend Roland Asch and two-time ADAC GT Masters champion, about the overall masterpiece from the Mayen Viper technology forge of Michael Mintgen. With a record lap of 8:40.598 minutes on the 25.378 km track variant currently being driven at the 24h Nürburgring, the professional burned the best time ever set by a Dodge Viper CC GT3 into the asphalt, proving once again his skills and showing how fast a first-generation GT3 bolide can still be today. (Video record lap: Then, however, technical problems forced the team to shut down the GT3 car in the morning hours on Sunday for safety reasons. Team leader Albrecht emphasized that the team is racing for a good cause and not for victories or records. The safety of the participants and the drivers has top priority. This not only ended the era of the White Angel Viper, but it was probably the last appearance in a major international race of a Dodge Viper CC GT3. (Video last lap at night: The extraordinary commitment of the White Angel Team and the donations achieved with full sportive and technical effort impressed and motivated Reiner Meutsch, the founder of the Fly&Help Foundation and vehicle owner Manfred Sattler, as well as the many donors and helpers again and again as special companions of this special project. Thanks to the support of the community, a total of seven schools have been implemented with Fly&Help since 2020, although the operation had to be suspended this year due to the Corona pandemic. Even though the White Angel Viper and the Green Hell said goodbye to each other peacefully in the end after many hard fights, the team will of course continue at full throttle - you can and should be curious what will be thought up on the "Road to Green Hell" to create more legends of the Nürburgring and schools for equal chances! The digital story will also continue - stay tuned!




Bernd Albrecht

White Angel for Fly and Help team leader Bernd Albrecht: "The era of the White Angel Viper with the starting number #13 came to an end in 2022, but not our biggest goal of building schools in emerging and developing countries. School education is the key for future generations to lead an independent life and envision a better future. That will motivate us to volunteer at the 24h race even without the Dodge Viper GT3." "The 3D model of the White Angel Viper in the "Digital Hall of Fame" is a wonderful tribute to our project and helps us to be remembered forever. We are very grateful for this and promise that we will continue to appear with an exciting, fast and exotic racing car in the Green Hell," Albrecht concludes.



Speed record 24h race 2021, driver Bernd Albrecht

Making of

Have a glimpse of the process of how we captured the exact details of  this vehicle and transformed it into a digital model.


The location of the White Angel Viper after the anniversary race was the peaceful town of Hirrlingen in Swabia. 
That's team manager's Bernd Albrecht's home and from where he leaves for the start of the legendary 24-hour race in the Green Hell with the Dodge Viper CC GT3 #13.

The all-volunteer team has been competing in the world's toughest endurance race for years to raise funds for the FLY&HELP foundation. These funds are used to finance the construction of schools in developing countries to give children access to education. To date, there are well over 700 on all continents.


We were suitably motivated to do justice to the special team with the exotic US bolide and to support them in their mission with our abilities. The suspense could not have been greater, as the #13 White Angel Viper had to end the race at the 50th ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring prematurely in the early hours of Sunday morning, thus bidding a final farewell to the Nordschleife.

As soon as the unique vehicle was shipped from the Eifel to Hirrlingen, we were able to capture it with our high-tech 3D scanners and create thousands of high-resolution images. We used a combination of handheld scanners and automated camera systems to capture every last detail for posterity. The white Venom Snake, with its large-volume engine and unique flat body, offered us almost unlimited motifs.

Post-processing the impressive amount of data in the studio took weeks. The information had to be processed into a digitally usable raster, from which the 3D model with the elaborate texturing was created in the highest resolution using special software. With the same care and passion that Bernd Albrecht's team used to move and maintain the White Angel Viper, we wanted to create an unmistakable digital image for eternity. We succeeded and the #13 is now in the "Digital Hall of Fame".


Every bit and byte of the digital model is a sign of respect for the original and its team, which captivated and motivated its fans. Even though the fans and we will miss the real car very much - we are happy that the Dodge Viper CC GT3 #13 can live on digitally.



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